About Us

Our Mission

shutterstock_58873148Fighting on our behalf, our military servicemen and women often conducted hazardous missions that involved risk to their health and lives. They experienced first hand the perils of combat and the awesome destruction of battle. No one comes back from war unchanged.

The mission of Greencenter Acres Foundation is to rebuild the physically and emotionally broken bodies, minds and spirits of our military veterans, and to offer them unique opportunities for regrowth and renewal.

Veterans in transition from military service or from time lived homeless need a break to seek their own salvation and find their way back into the civilian world. Contemporary farming is a rejuvenating experience and Camp Lazarus and Jonah Farms at Greencenter Acres are a safe haven for rebuilding shattered lives. There’s something about agriculture — working with living plants, working with the earth, working with livestock, that is life-sustaining, uplifting and deeply healing. It has the power to transform broken minds and shattered lives like few other experiences.

This unique center is a place that welcomes all area veterans to explore agriculture and farming as a therapeutic life-changing path forward to recovery and self-sufficiency.

Greencenter Acres Foundation Inc. has a Mission to help Disabled Veterans.

Our goal, at Greencenter Acres Foundation Inc. is to become a Veterans Training Ground for Advancements in the Field of Agriculture, from there it could lead into other jobs for them. This will be a transition for disable veterans, who are unable to find work in the market place. Learning a life style in the field of Agriculture, and all the connecting parts that are involved, especially in the field of Hydroponics. This can open so many doors for them. An example would be selling, marketing culinary, nutrition, distribution, the list goes on and on.

The farming techniques will be essential in the upcoming economy. Food prices are continuing to rise every day. The dollar as we all know doesn’t go very far. Families are buying products, that will make their dollar stretch, but not often have the nutrition they need. Greencenter Acres Foundation Inc. will be growing wholesome nutritional food. The veterans will provide a better product for children and adults, and families. Also, these veterans will gain self esteem for being a part of this organization, and give them greater self esteem. We also, may be able to prevent chronic health problems from occurring in todays world.

This pastoral life style, will enable our veterans to understand the production, distribution and marketing the products that we produce. Even though our products will be grown organically, hydroponically, we will be able to offer them into the market place for the same price or maybe even less than the products that we are importing at this time. We will be offering our products to charitable

causes, to the needy in our country, so no family or senior citizen will go hungry, so they can make ends meet, as well as people in under developed countries.

We have introduced our program to Governor Christie, and he had sent Douglas Fischer, who is in charge of the New Jersey Agriculture Dept. to see us, with Rob Vivian. All we had to do was to find a piece of property to suite our purpose.

We are also, other farming and equestrian activities. As we are both aware of and have also seen on television. When a Veteran is deployed, sometimes they have to leave their companion behind, an animal that they have provided for, or who has become their family when they are so far away from home. They share their LOVE and it gives them purpose also, they bring animals today into hospitals, and nursing homes, to put a smile on the face of a sick child or adult. These families go through great lengths to bring that animal home for their son or daughter, because they have had this meaningful relationship, and don’t want to leave them behind. The Veteran knows, that this animal was like there family, in another part of the world, and don’t want to leave them behind. They know how important it is for someone to bond with because they have experiences it themselves, through their everyday crisis. Most families are not as fortunate, to do this for their son and daughter, and that is where we can fill in the gap, for them, for disabled and sick children, and for seniors. These Veterans will be working with the animals, and will be anticipating employment and leadership, through the United States, with this and other related programs at Greencenter Acres Foundation.

My partner Associates and myself, have designed a variety of occupations according to their personal preferences. The list goes on and on. Greencenter Acres Foundation is their Epicenter for their introduction back into civilian life.

My associate Ray Chimileski, has a wonderful program, that has been operating for the past fourteen years in New Jersey. He has been helping Veterans relocate, giving them clothes, and getting them jobs. Ray has been very successful I might add, and will be working with us side by side to expand the programs for Veterans.

We will be providing a service to humanity, giving them a sense of purpose in civilian life to the Veterans, who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our nation, to keep us safe, in numerous wars. This is the least we can do. All our programs will help our Veterans to continue to have a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, and to help others, also.