About Us

Our Mission

shutterstock_58873148Our military men and women serve to maintain our freedom. They make extraordinary sacrifices and face extreme perils. They experience life altering events. No one ever comes back the same.

The mission of Greencenter Acres Foundation is to provide unique agricultural training and career opportunities to military veterans so that they can rebuild and renew their bodies, minds, and spirits.

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” ― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Greencenter Acres Foundation provides services and support to veterans from all branches of the armed forces of the United States of America, particularly for those who have recently returned or will be returning from active duty.  Many of these men and women return to civilian life with no home of their own, with few if any desirable employment prospects, and often with varying degrees of physical and psychological trauma.  Veterans transitioning from military service facing these difficulties need a path forward so they can regroup and find a way to be fulfilled in the civilian world.  Greencenter Acres has found that contemporary farming provides a rejuvenating hands-on experience in a safe and nurturing environment.  There is something about farming — working with the earth, plants, and livestock, that is deeply rewarding, uplifting, and healing.  It has the power to mend and strengthen ‘the broken places’.  Greencenter Acres provides a unique agricultural setting that invites veterans to explore innovative farming techniques as a therapeutic life-changing path forward to recovery and self-sufficiency.

Our goal at Greencenter Acres Foundation is to become an agricultural training center that will enable veterans to learn and master modern farming practices, particularly in the field of hydroponics.  Our team can offer a variety of occupational experiences according to an individual’s interests and capabilities.  The farm can be a transition space for veterans who are currently unable to secure housing or find work in the marketplace.  It will provide them with safe surroundings and offer working knowledge of farming with the objective of opening doors to future career opportunities.

Our veteran farmers will be cultivating organic products grown hydroponically in a controlled growing environment that produces higher yields.  By doing so, we will be able to offer locally grown products of the highest quality at a price that can be afforded by working families.

Through their experiences at Greencenter Acres, the veterans will gain new skills and find new purpose in agriculture.  We will be providing assistance to those that served our country, and in turn, they will successfully transition back into civilian life.  All of our programs will help our veterans return to a purpose driven life by growing natural, wholesome nutritional produce that will provide healthier nutrition for children, adults, and families not only locally but also across our nation.